Wall Mounted
Ceiling Suspended
Single Outdoor
Heat recovery
Single Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
There is a uniform footprint for all
models (except compact KX4)
allowing simple, neat continuous
side-by-side installation.
Heat recovery and
Ventilation unit
The condensing unit design features separate air flow and mechanical compartments, this
improves over all air flow volume and improves frost resistance with MHIs unique 4-sided
heat exchanger design providing a larger surface area that further increases efficiency.
Having separate air flow and mechanical compartments also means high protection of
mechanical and electronic components in extreme conditions, while making service
maintenance easy with simple access to serviceable parts. Noise levels are reduced, footprint
is reduced and more piping configurations are possible. (frontside, backside, etc).
The vertical fan configuration also allows ducting of the discharge air with 50Pa static
pressure in standard conditions. Outdoor units can then be located in infernal plant rooms,
with discharge air ducted te outside through a louvre panel.
Additional features:
Outdoor unit
Single Combination
Outdoor unit Outdoor unit
Air Flow
air louvre
outdoor unit
discharge duct
up to 50 pa
KX4 offers the biggest capacity single outdoor unit (24hp/68.0kW cooling) in the industry,
with more connectable indoor units than any other system.
Longer pipe runs than other manufacturers, with more deliverable capacity.
Please check manufacturerer
guidelines for permitted indoor
installation conditions.
Less compressors than other manufacturers at equivalent capacity, reducing cost and risk of failure.
KX4 also comes with a wide range of controls options including wired controllers with
weekly programmable timer as standard, centralised controls, full-colour touch screen
central control and monitoring, PC based control and monitoring and both LonWorks and
BACnet interfaces ter integration with any building management system.
MHI also offers service maintenance and monitoring software (Mente PC) for on site
system interrogation via PC laptop, simply connecting te an RS232C port on the outdoor
unit PCB
New remote control for ah l indoor units
Applying nonpolar 2-core in new remete control line, it is very
convenient for installation including renewal case.
Curren 3 core New 2 core


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